How does the Viajephone eSIM work?

Viajephone has eSIM cards with data plans for your international trips, with more than 160 destinations around the world. To do this, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Buy the eSIM according to the country and the data you need.
  2. Scan the QR code that we will send you by email.
  3. Install the eSIM in just a few steps.

Ready. You already have your eSIM installed. 😊

How to install the eSIM on your phone

What is a data eSIM?

A data eSIM card gives you access to the Internet on your device without including calls or SMS text messages. However, you can make calls or send messages through applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, among others.

What is Roaming?

Data roaming occurs when you use a data connection outside of your carrier's coverage area.
In this way, your operator may charge you additional costs when using the mobile network of another geography outside your usual coverage area, incurring a bill with a huge cost without you realizing it.

What is a Viajephone eSim for?

Our eSIMs give you the freedom to be connected in the country you select efficiently, economically and without complications. Main advantages:

  • Be connected to the internet in different countries without having to change the physical SIM card.
  • Avoid the high international roaming charges that typically apply when using a local SIM card abroad.
  • Save time, since it will not be necessary to search for a physical store to buy a physical SIM card or wait for activation.
  • Avoid interacting with anyone when you arrive in your destination country and having to overcome the language barrier.

What is the difference between a physical SIM card and the travelphone data eSIM?

Both options identify the device against the corresponding network to have network services, however the physical SIM requires a plastic card with a built-in chip that you must insert into your mobile phone while an eSIM allows you to do without the card. physically and simply be installed digitally, fulfilling the same objective.

In the particular case of the Viajephone eSIM there is an additional difference and that is that you cannot make/receive calls or send/receive SMS since the eSIM only includes a data plan. However, you can make calls or send messages over the internet using applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, among others.

How can I check my data usage?

You can review the amount of data you have used by accessing the data settings section on your device. Please note that we do not have access to that information. You must verify it directly on your device.

How long does it take to receive the eSIM QR code?

The eSIM QR code is sent immediately upon completion of the purchase. Generally, you should receive it by email within 2 minutes maximum.

If you cannot find the email in your inbox, we recommend checking your SPAM folder.

If after 10 minutes you still have not received the code, do not hesitate to contact us through the support chat, and we will be happy to help you

Can I use WhatsApp with the Viajephone eSIM?

Of course! You can use WhatsApp normally with our eSIM.

By installing the eSIM, you will keep your usual WhatsApp number.

Just keep in mind that video calls through WhatsApp can consume a considerable amount of data. We advise you to opt for messages where possible to optimize your data usage.

When do I have to configure the eSIM?

To correctly configure your eSIM, you must have a WiFi connection. Therefore, we suggest that you install and activate your eSIM just before starting your trip.

If you prefer, you can also wait until you arrive at your destination to activate your eSIM. However, keep in mind that to complete this process you will need to have access to a WiFi network.

What do I do if my QR code doesn't work?

In case you are experiencing difficulties when trying to scan the QR code, we provide a checklist to help you easily identify and solve the problem:

  1. Check the Compatibility of your Phone with eSIM: If you have already confirmed the compatibility of your phone, go to the next step. If you have questions, check our updated list of compatible mobile models. Remember that, in addition to being compatible, your device must be unlocked.
  2. Connect to a WiFi Network: Installing an eSIM requires an active WiFi connection. If you are not connected to a WiFi network, you may not be able to scan the QR code correctly. We recommend installing the eSIM at home before your trip to ensure you have a stable WiFi connection.
  3. Confirm if you have already scanned the QR Code: Please note that an eSIM QR code can only be scanned once. If you try to scan it repeatedly, you may get an error message like "Cannot add data plan." Check if the eSIM has been installed correctly by going to your phone's SIM card manager or settings.
  4. If you're still having problems: If you've followed the steps above and still can't scan the QR code, feel free to contact us via support chat.

What is the right time to set up my eSIM?

It is advisable to configure your eSIM just before going abroad, as you will need access to a WiFi network to carry out this process.

Although you can also choose to activate your eSIM when you arrive at your destination, but keep in mind that you will require a WiFi connection to complete the installation.

How many times can I use my eSIM?

The eSIM can be activated only once on a specific device. If you decide to delete the eSIM from your device, you will not be able to reuse it on another device even if you have not used up your entire data plan.

It is important to note that it is not possible to scan the eSIM QR code on two different devices.

Is it possible to use my current SIM together with the Viajephone eSIM?

Yes, you have the option of using your SIM card for phone calls and SMS messages, while the Viajephone eSIM is responsible for providing mobile data on your device.

Please note that if you keep your SIM card activated, your network provider may apply data roaming rates for both phone calls and text messages, whether sent or received.

What mobile phones are compatible with the Viajephone eSIM?

eSIM technology is innovative and not all devices are yet adapted for use.

To check if your mobile phone is compatible with the Viajephone eSIM, we suggest you review our updated list of compatible devices .

It is important that you also confirm that your phone is unlocked.

Additionally, we recommend that you check with your carrier to ensure that there are no specific restrictions related to the use of eSIM on your device.

Does the Viajephone eSIM include a number to make or receive calls?

No, the Viajephone eSIM does not include a number to make or receive calls.

The Viajephone eSIM is designed solely to provide you with a data plan that allows you to surf the Internet during your trips, avoiding unexpected roaming charges.

Please note that the eSIM does not include traditional phone calls or SMS messages. However, you can make calls through applications such as WhatsApp, Skype or other similar ones, since these work using mobile data.

What happens to the GB that I did not use?

It is important to keep in mind that Viajephone eSIMs have a limited validity during the period established in the plan you choose on our website.

Any unused data during this period cannot be used later as it will expire once the plan's effective date ends.

What happens if I use up all my data or the validity period ends?

It is important to keep in mind that all our eSIMs have a maximum limit of available data and a certain duration in days.

If you use all your data before the plan's validity period ends, the eSIM will stop working and you will not be able to access the Internet.

Similarly, once the plan validity days are exhausted, the eSIM will also stop working.

If you need more data, the best option is to buy another eSIM with the amount of data that meets your requirements. This way, you will ensure that you will always have access to the Internet when you need it most.

I have deleted or lost the QR code of your eSIM.

Don't worry. Simply contact us by sending an email to or through our chat and we will help you recover it.

How to get an eSIM with a Viajephone QR code?

Setting up an eSIM using a QR code is the easiest way to secure your internet connection with Viajephone.

Here are the steps to get your code:

  1. Go to the Viajephone main page
  2. Select the country where you need a connection.
  3. Choose the amount of data you want to acquire.
  4. Complete the eSIM purchase.
  5. In less than 5 minutes, you will receive a purchase confirmation email along with the eSIM QR code.
  6. Scan the QR code with a compatible mobile device before your trip.
  7. Activate data roaming at your destination to ensure connection.

Can I share data?

Yes, with Viajephone data plans you can share data from your device or make a "hotspot" as this practice is also known.

  • Step 1

    Check that your device is compatible with eSIM.

  • Step 2

    Choose your destination and buy your data plan.

  • Step 3

    Install your eSIM by scanning the QR that you will receive by email.

    Install eSIM 
  • Step 4

    Activate your data plan when you land and enjoy your trip!

  • Immediate internet access

    Get connected when you arrive at your destination, without having to find a local physical SIM card store or even having to interact with anyone.

  • Super cheap

    Avoid the high costs of international roaming and pay only what you need for the duration of the trip.

  • Digital activation

    Activate the eSIM remotely, even before arriving at your destination to have everything ready as soon as you get off the plane.